Horn Works

Creating objects of decoration from horns of animals is a craft of Odisha which contributed a lot to Indian handicraft.This craft has been practiced from ages, primarily by the tribes of Santhals, Oraons and Marijas. Contemporary artisans use the cow and buffalo horn to make more utility items like ashtrays, jewelry and combs. Sometimes, horn and silver filigree work are combined to make ornaments. The combined style is more prevalent in Cuttack. Beautifully carved combs of bones and horns are popular all over the world.The horns that are mostly from buffaloes and cows require a high degree of skill and imagination in application. The artisans who excel in this art have used the specific texture of this material to mould all sorts of objects with a marvelous degree of fluidity of movement. The craftsmen of Cuttack and Paralakhemundi skillfully fashion horns into birds arrested in flight, animals of prey caught prowling, fighting bulls, fish-guzzling cranes, deer nuzzling young, elephant rolling logs for home decor. Utility items like Comb, Lamp stands etc are also made.

imageThe Heritage and Crafts of Odisha are enriched with diffrent categories of products such as Applique , Tribal Jwellery,Dhokra Casting,Wood Carving etc.The crafts of Silver Filigree,Cow Horn and Palm Leaf Engraving shows the depth of handicraft culture of Odisha as well as India.

Popular Horn Works