Sabai Grass

Products are made by weaving ropes of dried Sabai Grass usually made by rural women folk of eastern and northern Odisha. Products are light and durable and sometimes natural color is also used in the rope.Sabai Ropes are mostly sold out side the state for use in weaving Charpai (Cots) and in paper manufacturing concerns. Sabai rope is also used in making Sofa sets, Chairs, Tea Poy etc. The main body frames of the Chairs and sofas are made in Bamboo and wood and Sabai rope is woven and coiled over the frame to give a finishing shape, which attains exceptional excellence. The civil Jail of Baripada is pioneer in introducing such Sofa and some other items namely Car mats, Screens, Carpets etc.

imageThe Heritage and Crafts of Odisha are enriched with diffrent categories of products such as Applique , Tribal Jwellery,Dhokra Casting,Wood Carving etc.The crafts of Silver Filigree,Cow Horn and Palm Leaf Engraving shows the depth of handicraft culture of Odisha as well as India.

Popular Sabai Grass Items