Art Textiles

Odisha's tradition in Art Textiles Handloom is centuries old. The tie & dye fabrics of Odisha known as Bandha are recognized all over the country and abroad for their artisan design, colour, combination & durability. Handloom in Odisha reflects the traditional way of life of the people & the loom a part of their poetic tradition. The skill & knowledge imbibed over the generations has given to Odisha hand women textiles an unparalled depth & range stealth & vigor. The distinctive feature of Odisha textile industry is the "Ikat" design. This design which finds its ancient linkages with the maritime activities of South-East Asia is an intricate process of tie and dye. Selected yarns are knotted before dipping them in separate colours one at a time and finally weaving them to produce delightful designs in multiple colours and in motifs adopted from nature. Some of the typical varieties of Odisha sarees are Passapali (Chess Board) from Sambalpur and Bolangir districts, Bichitrapuri (double Ikats) woven into temple motifs such as fish, lion etc. also from Sambalpur district, Sonepuri woven in zari thread from Sonepur district. Other varieties include Khanduas, Saktapada, Tarabali, Bomkai etc. These exquisite fabrics in large range of designs and variety of materials are durable and economical too. Alongwith cotton, tassar silk is also used extensively. The availability of fine quality of tassar yarn is very popular for its natural lustre.

imageThe Heritage and Crafts of Odisha are enriched with diffrent categories of products such as Applique , Tribal Jwellery,Dhokra Casting,Wood Carving etc.The crafts of Silver Filigree,Cow Horn and Palm Leaf Engraving shows the depth of handicraft culture of Odisha as well as India.

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