Applique, the traditional patchwork art has a long history in Odisha. The work involved is mostly of hand. The Applique work of Pipili. Butapalli, Khallikote, Tushra and Chikiti is known for its bold character and vitality. The artisans deftly stitch traditional motifs such as elephants, peacocks and flowers on umbrellas, canopies, lamp shades wall hangings on cloth background to form harmonious and colourful patterns with embroidery work. In fact, the basic inspiration for this art form is mainly religious in nature. The umbrellas and canopies for Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra and other deities carry some of the finest examples of Applique work of Odisha. But with change of time, tastes have also become secular in content. Applique work, today, reflects some of these impressions from one to another. The art form is typically dependent on four basic colours i.e., red, white, black & yellow to produce a striking effect. In recent years, green colour and embroidery work has been applied vigorously enlivening the craft even more. Coloured cloth, after being cut & shaped into the forms of birds, animals, flowers, leaves & other decorative motifs is stiched onto a cloth piece designed as a wall hanging, garden & bead umbrella, a lamp shade and other utility items.

imageThe Heritage and Crafts of Orissa are enriched with diffrent categories of products such as Applique , Tribal Jwellery,Dhokra Casting,Wood Carving etc.The crafts of Silver Filigree,Cow Horn and Palm Leaf Engraving shows the depth of handicraft culture of Odisha as well as India.

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